Simulation Saturday

Sometimes I lose sight of the forest for the trees. To help combat this, every Saturday morning I look at the simulations I've run that week, and if there is anything interesting (or that puts the "colourful" in CFD) I throw it up here with a quick blurb.

I hope you enjoy them. Like always, if you have questions or comments reach out to me on LinkedIn or Twitter and let me know!

Shockwave / Boundary Layer Interaction

This week, I’ve been working on Mach 6 shockwave / boundary layer interactions on flat plates. It took less than two hours to go from thought to plot, and the error estimate puts the discretization error of the drag at less than 2% of the value from the simulation. But honestly, I'm only posting this because think the output adaptive grids look really nice! The way the refined elements along the shock fan out as the shock enters the boundary layer is really satisfying.